Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide: Launch of a New Training Course 

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) and Creatella Impact (CI) proudly announce a groundbreaking, long-term strategic partnership to empower women entrepreneurs worldwide. The official signing ceremony took place on November 10 2023, during the third Annual SHE LEADS Event at the ECE headquarters in Rotterdam. This partnership advances women’s leadership and entrepreneurship, focusing on developing countries, through designing an innovative online Training Course.

ECE, a renowned institution for  entrepreneurship education and research  at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and CI, a  nonprofit organization dedicated to training,  acceleration, venture building, and impact  investments for women-led startups, join  forces and combine their expertise to  support aspiring and established women  entrepreneurs. 

The Training Course equips mission driven women entrepreneurs and aspiring  entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills,  and tools to drive disruptive change in their  communities and beyond. It covers critical  topics on entrepreneurial skills development,  social impact innovation, tech innovations,  women leadership confidence building  and other essential topics for women’s  entrepreneurial success. 

Participants who complete the Training  Course will gain access to support, free  mentorship from world-class experts,  advisory assistance, tech execution guidance  and investor introductions. 

This collaboration between ECE and CI  underscores a shared commitment of both  organizations to gender equality, economic  empowerment, and sustainable development. 

“This new Training Course and  knowledge platform will be a major  cornerstone in scaling our offer  to women entrepreneurs globally  and closing the gap in Sustainable  Development Goals and achieving  gender equality”, said Antonio Vigilante, Chairperson of  the Board of Directors of CI. As the world  increasingly recognizes the essential role of  women in entrepreneurship and leadership,  ECE and CI are excited to embark on this  journey together. The Training Course is set  to launch in 2024, and both organizations  eagerly anticipate making a lasting impact on  women entrepreneurs.

As Farshida Zafar, Director of ECE, stated at  the official partnership announcement:  

“We believe that fostering  women’s entrepreneurship is a  catalyst for positive change and  development in communities that  need it the most. This Training Course  will be a transformative experience  for the women who participate and  their communities”

Pre-registrations are open, you can sign up here: https://forms.gle/4dnUZtc5cKQCKRkm6

This Training Course is partially sponsored by  the GSRD Foundation. “GSRD Foundation is  proud to be associated with Creatella Impact,  a partner that has changed the life of many  female entrepreneurs: and through this  Training Course and knowledge platform will  move the proven concept to scale”, said Rien  van Gendt, advisor GSRD Foundation. 

ECE and CI are actively seeking additional  funding partners to support this initiative,  reduce financial barriers, and expand its  benefits to a wider audience. Sponsors will  gain high visibility among our target audience  – women entrepreneurs and other ecosystem  players globally. 

If you are interested in joining our mission,  please contact Katty Hsu at hsu@ece.nl  and Karen Vardanyan at karen.vardanyan@creatella.org

About Erasmus Centre for  Entrepreneurship (ECE): 

ECE, a part of Erasmus University Rotterdam,  is a leading international center for  entrepreneurship education and research.  Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands,  ECE empowers aspiring and seasoned  entrepreneurs through knowledge, networks,  and access to resources, enabling them to  turn their ideas into thriving business ventures.  ECE offers a range of programs, events, and  support services that cultivate entrepreneurial  mindsets and foster entrepreneurial  behavior. Through dynamic collaboration  with entrepreneurs, academia, government,  and industry partners, ECE actively shapes  the future of entrepreneurship and drives  positive economic and social change locally  and globally. Visit www.ece.nl for more  information. 

About Creatella Impact: 

Creatella Impact is a U.S. nonprofit organization  committed to providing innovative solutions  for achieving the Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs) through early-stage social  enterprises in emerging markets. The  organization offers venture building,  technology execution, mentorship, advisory  support, and other acceleration programs,  along with impact investments that include  financial capital, deal syndication, blended  funding, and diverse financial instruments.  Visit www.creatella.org for more information. 

About the GSRD Foundation: 

The GSRD Foundation was established  by the denim brand G-Star RAW in 2007  to create a positive impact on the lives of  people and communities in countries where  G-Star products are made. The foundation,  in collaboration with partners, supports  young people through education, training,  and coaching. Visit www.gsrd.com for more  information.


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