Moonshot Ventures and Creatella Impact presented SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023 Demo Day: Showcasing 26 of Indonesia’s most promising impact startups led by women.

On the 24th of March 2023, 26 mission-driven, women-led startups pitched online to investors and startup ecosystem partners in Indonesia and beyond as part of the “SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023” program. 

“ SheDisrupts was conceived to support and showcase how women-led startups can leverage innovation and technology to disrupt Indonesia’s most challenging social and environmental issues. Leading a startup is inherently difficult, but women entrepreneurs typically face additional barriers and are often overlooked by investors. The resounding success of the program and its replication beyond Indonesia is testimony to the overwhelming potential of women-led startups – in building bold business solutions to the most pressing problems.said Tom Schmittzehe, Managing Partner of Moonshot Ventures.

The program was initiated by Moonshot Ventures and Creatella Impact, in partnership with Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UN Women, and Monk’s Hill Ventures, to empower Indonesian women entrepreneurs to build and scale innovative and tech-enabled business solutions to complex social and environmental issues in Indonesia.

“In 2021, the SheDisrupts program was launched in Indonesia. Its success inspired us to replicate the program in other countries of the region – and we are excited to return to Indonesia for this second 2023 cohort, and to continue supporting the most promising impact oriented startups and increasing their chances of success.” said Guillaume Catella, Co-Executive Director of Creatella Impact.

The program kicked off in January 2023 with a first phase in the form of a venture competition. 54 startups were selected for this phase, which included extensive mentorship with experienced impact investors, entrepreneurs and advisors from around the world.

“As a female founder, I am delighted to be a part of the SheDisrupts program. This initiative equips us with the necessary skills and confidence to excel as entrepreneurs. It’s not just a startup competition, but it also provides valuable mentorship and networking opportunities with other like-minded individuals. I appreciated the valuable insights on each topic and enjoyed learning about all of them.”  said Vensia Tjhin, Founder and CEO of Aronawa.

Building on this first phase, 26 promising startups were then invited to join a second phase consisting of a  3-week pre-acceleration training. 

“The 26 ventures, who represent a broad spectrum from health tech and education to energy and financial services, have demonstrated their ability to drive sustainable development alongside their businesses. We firmly believe in the potential of these companies as they become role models for gender-inclusive businesses and impact-driven economic development”, said Sujala Pant, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Indonesia. 

The  training included lectures, workshops, group work and 1-on-1 mentoring on business, technology and impact-related topics, with a strong focus on gender issues and women empowerment. 

We are very delighted to extend our support for the 26 driven women founders in SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023 cohort. At The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, we strongly believe that supporting women entrepreneurs and women led businesses will create a multiplier effect to the improvement of lives for women and girls. By supporting SheDisrupts Indonesia, we want to take part in creating more opportunities for women founders and women led startups all over Indonesia to learn and grow their startups. We are thoroughly impressed with all the participants who have successfully advanced their way to the Demo Day and hope that they continue to soar and create more impact with their businesses in years to come. ”  said Ayaka Matsuno, Director of Gender Investment and Innovation Program at The Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

The training  concluded on Friday 24th March with a virtual demo day, which was attended by more than 100 investors, mentors, and partners.

Brief descriptions about the startups that pitched are detailed below and further details can be found on the SheDisrupts website:

About SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023:

SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023 provides talented women-led startup teams with training and mentoring support, as well as the opportunity to secure funding from local and international investors. Since launching in 2021, the SheDisrupts program has been conducted in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

Top 26 selected startups are:


Aronawa connects businesses by providing e-Procurement Marketplace solution for MSME and Enterprise verticals, connecting upstream and downstream value chain to meet.

eCommerce as a services, Aronawa enables companies to build their own  eMarketplace and closed loop business ecosystem.

Bali in Your Hands

Founded during the pandemic in 2021, Bali In Your Hand’s mission are to set up local brands from SMEs (especially from Eastern Indonesia) to be great again by enhancing their digital capacities. We have created several digital and sustainability entrepreneurship content for SME entrepreneurs.  We believe through digital literacy & sustainability can improve Eastern Indonesia’s economic condition.


Banoo helps fish farmers de-risk their operations through a one-size-fits-all, customizable automation system for timely interventions, a microbubble aerator, and a platform that connects them to high-quality fish seed suppliers.


Buangdisini is an integrated waste management startup that simplifies the waste distribution chain by connecting waste producers & waste collectors to manufacturers making waste a profitable commodity as well as activating circularity.


Our company provides an integrated solution for managing and processing biomass waste. We offer an upstream solution service for waste collection and management, working with waste bank communities, local farmers, government, and industries to effectively manage their biomass waste. 


Crustea Indonesia is Technology Innovation Company focusing on integrating smart IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and renewable energy in Aquaculture. The company develop eco-friendly aerator by solar PV integrated with smart IoT Pond Monitoring and Controlling System to increase the productivity of pond farmers, meet the needs of farmers from pre, installation, and post harvest and also ensure food security in Indonesia and for the next building ecosystem smart Aquaculture.


Dietela is a nutrition service company that focuses on providing personalized nutrition service through an online platform. The nutrition service that we designed incorporates the healthy lifestyle approach encompassing physical activity and mental health. We provide individual-based services and enterprise-based services. 


donASI – donor ASI is a platform that comes as a solution to make the breastfeeding donor process easier by connecting the breastfeeding donor with the breastfeeding recipient.

With some features such as “Cari Donor”, “Daftar Donor”, “Delivery”, “Edukasi”, “Konsultasi”, and “Komunitas”, we aim to help increase exclusive breastfeeding rate in Indonesia which help prevent stunting and decrease death rate at babies.

Eathink by Food Sustainesia, a platform that acts as an ecosystem for young urban millennial consumers in Indonesia to learn about sustainable lifestyle and purchase sustainable food products from local SMEs.


HiPajak is one apps tax assistance for MSMEs and freelancers in Indonesia. HiPajak making tax responsibility as easy as chatting.


Listens is your open-minded space, where truth can be expressed. We connecting the one with emotional pain with the one that overcome it, so they can share with those who have been there.


Magalodon is a startup engaged in maggot cultivation and utilization. The Magalodon business model consists of maggot cultivation tools that are integrated with IoT sensors that can utilize limited land and processed maggot which can be used as animal feed, especially catfish. Pellet formulations from maggot flour which are rich in protein are good for the nutritional needs of catfish at a lower price than other feeds. 


For every eyeglass users, who has the problem on blurry or foggy experiences when using glasses, Nasho Self Cleaning Liquid For Glasses is a perfect glasses cleaner that has self-cleaning ability – Antifog, Antifungal, Antibacteria, and AntiDust. The limit is in the sky,  we developing self cleaning coating utilizing nanotechnology as our core competences for any surface. 

Natura Indonesia

Natura is an end-to-end climate-tech company that aims to turn pollution into solutions to combat climate change—starting by enabling circularity in food waste with protein alternatives as the final product. We put nature, technology, and human at the center of everything that we do to democratize alternative protein to be more accessible and an impactful solution comes along, one of which is to improve the welfare of farmers by increasing the productivity of their farms.


NUXCLE is the leading Electric Vehicles Brands in Indonesia offering EV Products & EV Services. Serving more than 115 Millions  People in the Premium Affordable market segment using Circular Economy Model in Indonesia. 

OKE Garden

OKE Garden is a digital landscape platform to help millennials and housewives who don’t have much time for gardening but want to have it by offering gardening services that connect with certified landscape designer, gardener and local farmers in an easy and reliable way.


Kami memberikan mentoring praktikal keuangan untuk anak SMA dan Mahasiswa


Psikku is revolutionizing the talent assessment and psychological support industry with its cutting-edge technology. Our platform is 70% more affordable and more efficient than traditional methods, allowing companies to quickly and accurately assess talent and psychological support. 

Reach Finance

Reach is Fintech-Enabled Marketplace that not only sells the dream products with data-driven personalized product recommendation but also gives financing plans with affordability analysis that links to user’s financial data.


We collect PET Plastic bottles then we sort and process into PET Bale Press which are ready to recycle.

Sesama Care

Sesama Care offers a smart and holistic solution for chronic illness integrated into one app. Our product includes doctor consultation, vital monitoring, diet/nutrition plan, physical activity, and stress management that are easily tracked using the app guided by a health coach. 


Tenang is an AI-Powered mobile application to empower the young generation as well as improve their mental health and well-being with 3 features: 1) AI mental health chatbot, 2) online consultation with psychologist, 3) self-help activities

Terra Water

Ceramic water filters are 100% natural and locally made. They solve pertinent  social and environmental challenges that Indonesia is tackling right now, which are access to safe drinking water in the home and the marine plastic pollution epidemic. Terra makes a filter for every budget, therefore for every family or business. Anywhere where an Indonesian “gallon” is being used, it can be replaced with a Terra filter with a minimum savings of Rp 7,000,000 over 2 years. 


TRANSISI creates a simple, accesible, and reliable EV charging to scale up a sustainable EV infrastructure. Our Electric Vehicle-Charging Station Management System (EV-CSMS) helps fleet operators and charge point owners bringing EV drivers’ consumers – right to their door. 


Platform to enable insurance with collaboration based go-to-market strategy. Platform is developed on Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric to promote trust among stakeholders in the ecosystem, inline with business strategy.  Our goals are to improve product distribution and operational costs leading to lower premium rates so the middle-lower income population can also own insurance. 

Upgraze Indonesia

A career preparation company that aims to help job seekers from students up to professionals to prepare their career journeys through our 5+ online services; CV & Linkedin review, CV writing, Linkedin revamp, Cover Letter writing, interview mockup, career counseling, etc. 

About the Organizers and Partners of SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023 

Creatella Impact 

For early stage social enterprises in emerging markets, committed to providing entrepreneurial innovative solutions for the achievement of SDGs by generating measurable social and environmental impact, Creatella Impact provides acceleration programmes, mentorship, advisory support, venture building, technology execution, impact investment including financial capital and deal syndication.



Moonshot Ventures

Moonshot Ventures is an impact investor with a mission to address the leading social and environmental issues faced in Southeast Asia today. To achieve this, it supports purpose-driven founders and startups, and works with them to build innovative and disruptive solutions. The support provided is focused around investment, venture building and in-kind assistance programs. A leading focus of Moonshot Ventures is in supporting women entrepreneurs and solutions that improve livelihoods for women.


The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF)

SPF is a Japanese private foundation established in 1986 to enhance international cooperation.  In 2017, SPF announced the formation of the Asia Women Impact Fund (AWIF), which aims to invest up to USD 100 million from its endowment to work towards a future where all women in Asia are empowered to reach their full potential.  The fund aims to realize this vision by making investments to achieve favorable outcomes for women across Asia and to support women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. 

Website: SPF   

UN Women

UN Women leads UN’s advocacy to further promote gender equality by enhancing          women’s economic empowerment, ending violence against women and girls and improving women’s access to justice, and making gender equality a key part of the national legal framework, policies and plans.



UN Development Programme (UNDP) is the leading United Nations organization fighting to end the injustice of poverty, inequality, and climate change. Working with our broad network of experts and partners in 170 countries, we help nations to build integrated, lasting solutions for people and the planet.


Monk’s Hill Ventures

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Peng T. Ong and Kuo-Yi Lim, MHV is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage tech companies, primarily Series A, in Southeast Asia. Backed by institutional investors and family offices worldwide, MHV works with great entrepreneurs to use technology to improve the lives of millions of people in the region.


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